About Indivisible Iowa

The Indivisible Iowa network is made up of affiliated chapters based on Iowa Senate and House districts. In addition to these chapters, we have a team of volunteer leaders who coordinate and support local chapters in each of the four congressional districts in the state, work to promote social media and events, and provide research on issues of concern to any chapter. This structure makes us unique among the many Indivisible organizations across the country.

The best way to get involved is to jump right in with your local group. Together as a passionate community of active citizens, we have the power to protect and maintain our democracy.

What We Do

The founding principle of the Indivisible Iowa network is that the power of democracy lies in the willingness of ordinary citizens to be passionately and actively engaged with their representatives at every level of government.

Our movement is based on organized, direct action in the form of calling representatives, showing up for town hall meetings, holding rallies, supporting candidates, running for office, and other methods of making our voices heard. With our leadership and our networked chapters, we support one another in our advocacy efforts, building community as well as empowering citizens.

How We Do It

Indivisible Iowa is organized as a network of chapters based on Iowa Senate and House districts. These primarily exist as Facebook groups, which you can connect with via the main Indivisible Iowa Facebook group.

While it’s easy to call your Senator from the comfort of your own home or office, connecting with your local group in person has lots of advantages. Group activities like brainstorming huddles, attending town halls together, making rally signs, or writing postcards help spark creativity, boost morale, and facilitate community building. Being able to support and care for each other is an essential part a movement that’s in it for the long haul.

Our Principles

Indivisible Iowa prioritizes diversity, inclusivity, and intersectionality. Like most grassroots movements, we embrace a broad spectrum of political and personal beliefs, and each chapter is free to focus on concerns specific to their region and membership. However, we are united in our dedication to fighting Republican attempts to restrict the rights of marginalized groups and institutionalize discriminatory practices at the federal, state, and local levels.

Take Action

Each week, usually on Sunday evenings, Indivisible Iowa sends out an action bulletin is sent out focusing on one or more key pieces of legislation at the state and national levels. Coordinating efforts allows us to amplify our voices and ensure that they are heard by our representatives, the media, and the general public. Elected officials might not always change their minds based on constituent phone calls, but visible and vocal activism in the public eye is equally important.