Join Your Local Chapter

If you want to join the fight to preserve our rights and freedoms, join your local Indivisible Iowa chapter! Active, local groups across the state making calls and showing up to hold their representatives accountable are what make this movement tick. By supporting each other and creating strong, engaged communities, we will generate an enduring and powerful resistance.

How to Join Your Group

  1. Use the map to the right (below this paragraph on mobile devices) to figure out which congressional district you live in. (If you know your congressman, skip this step.)
  2. Use this tool to find your state legislators via your home address. Jot down your Iowa senate and house districts.
  3. Find your group below. Look for your group by Senate District (SD) first—they’re listed in numerical order. Each SD has one or two House Districts (HD). If your group is not linked, the leader of your group has made it a secret group.*
  4. Request to join your group. This can take anywhere from a few hours to a day or two—be patient!

*If your group is secret and you are unable to access it, or if you do not have a Facebook account, please email with your district group name as the subject line so that our membership coordinator can connect you with your group.